Working Discounts for Straight Talk

If you’re looking for great deals for Straight Talk Wireless, look no further. We have listed the best coupons and promotional codes you can find on the internet:

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How to use coupons for Straight Talk

In order to take advantage of the coupons offered for Straight Talk, all you need to do is find the one that you’re looking for. One of the best sites is Zip2save Straight Talk Promos. See the image below for where to enter in the code when you wish to apply the discount:

Straight Talk Coupons

As you find the “Use Coupon” box, all you will need to do is to enter in the code and the promo will be applied automatically. In some cases the codes may not work anymore. This could be due to various promotions that Straight Talk is running at the current time. If a code does not work you have one of two options:

    1. Try another promotional code and see if it works
    2. Give Straight Talk a call on the telephone (by dialing “611” from your phone) and see if the representative that answers the call can provide you with any further information

A Smartphone is a mobile phone that has high advance features that has a high resolution touch screen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, Web browsing and capable of running software apps. With technology advancing at a fast pace, People have visibly become fully dependent on mobile phones; in fact it has become an inseparable part of our lives.

These days there are varieties of Smartphone’s available for purchase from different sources like shops, service providers, Phone company outlets and online e-tailers.
There are two possible options that consumers can opt for using a Smartphone. The first option offers a phone, network provider (SIM) and a service plan of that network. While, the second option is selecting a phone and a network service (SIM) plan which is independent of each other.

With the first option, the phone cost comes cheaper with subsidized rate, however most of the time consumers are required to sign a contract on commitment. It is advisable that before signing the contract, one should understand the contract by knowing the basic terms and policy on cancelation and fees incurred if you want to terminate the contract early, warranty period on the mobile phone and replacement or up gradation options etc.

Talk Straight with Straight Talk from Prepaid Patty on Vimeo.

With the second option, even though the hardware might be costlier, one can evade signing the contract and can easily switch to pre-paid plans where you only have to pay for the minutes actually use. Prepaid plans are attractive because they don’t require credit checks or deposits but they are more expensive than postpaid. As an alternative to lengthy service contracts, a growing number of wireless providers offer “no contract” plans that let you opt out at any time without penalties.

Straight talk a on-stop solution for buying a Smartphone

Straight Talk helps you pick your desired Smartphone by paying special attention to your needs and suggesting the right product with the right plan to meet your budget and requirements, ensuring that the consumers avails the best deal. They offer a wide variety of Smartphone to choose from, however, if you want to bring your own Smartphone and use Straight talk service, they even make that possible by allowing you to use their current GSM or CMDA Smartphone on their network.

As for the service, Straight talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills, no long terms contracts and no age limits. Compared to other operators, Straight Talk offers way cheaper plans allowing more data per month. Straight talk cheapest possible plan of $45 per month plan also makes an ideal deal for family. Usually for a family of 4, the average monthly wireless cost on a contract plan comes to around $200. However, with Straight Talk it will cost $180, saving $240 per year with unlimited minutes, texting and web access.
You can buy Straight talk wireless Smartphone and service from Straight talk or wall mart and is also available online on Amazon.

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